Language and culture expert. Ava is a fearless field agent determined to take down Cypher and unravel a family secret.


Technology specialist and code breaker. After years of training in the museum headquarters, Dex must figure out why Sleuth has chosen his first real mission to start now.


Guardian of historic artifacts. Protector and guide for the teen Sleuth agents. But can this double agent be trusted?


Professional criminal hired by Cypher to find the treasure of Columbus. With spies across the globe, why would Cypher need a thief like Ivan?


High-ranking Sleuth official. Mentor to the young agents, MacGuffin chooses to appear only by hologram.

Cypher Master

Who is the unseen person directing the Cypher agents on the international treasure hunt?


Electronic companion to the Sleuth agents. The communication database provides information, videos, and maps through fast-moving interactive holograms.


The Cypher code database. Enigma is the repository of Cypher data used by enemy agents seeking clues.


The Society of Lost Treasure Hunts (called “Sleuth” from its initials SLTH) is a select group of highly trained youth sent to unlock clues that will keep Cypher from its objective to become all-powerful.


The corrupt spy ring seeking secrets of the past to gain power at any cost. The more Sleuth tries to untangle the this web of spies, the more they undercover hidden connections in all parts of the world.   As Mr. MacGuffin says: Cypher is everywhere.